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What is Kited?

Kited is a mobile AR-RPG where players embark on real-life quests enhanced by augmented reality. In this dynamic world, challenges include battles against monsters and journeys through portals to immersive in-game locations. Unique to Kited is its integration of NFTs, representing in-game items and heroes, enabling trading on external marketplaces. The game universe is primarily shaped by artificial intelligence, generating dialogues, character interactions, and item placements. However, special moments also feature handcrafted content. Players nurture heroes from vials, risk them in combat, and utilize an expansive arsenal combined with crafting capabilities. Each item in Kited possesses its own rarity, adding layers of strategy and value to the gameplay.
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Embark on an Unparalleled Adventure, Travel Through the Real World.

Complete quests, collect valuable NFT items, battle mobs and other players, and explore portals that lead you to virtual dungeons and combat zones. Exciting adventures await you; each location holds unique items found only there. Embark on a journey through the real world and become the greatest hero in Kited!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the game about?

    Kited is an augmented reality multiplayer role-playing game. In it, you can travel around the real world, explore interesting routes and locations, complete quests, fight monsters and other players, and find and sell items. Kited aims to encourage people to be more physically active, instead of sitting at home on the computer. All in all, Kited is an entertaining game that helps promote a healthy lifestyle while enhancing your interest in physical activity and exploring new places in the real world.
  • How can I earn by playing the game?

    You can earn in Kited by completing quests, fighting monsters, finding rare items, and selling them on the marketplace.
  • Pricing for NFTs

    In Kited, all NFTs are game attributes or heroes that can be lost in combat. The scarcity and value of these NFTs can be attributed to their rarity and the specific locations in which they can be found. Some items are one-of-a-kind. Each item has a description and number of copies, and the market determines the price of the NFT.
  • How can I create or find a new hero?

    Heroes in the game can be purchased from the marketplace. Additionally, players can cultivate their own character from an embryo found during the game. However, the growth process is time-consuming and the results may vary, as the new hero could be either strong or weak.
    It is important to note that all heroes start at level one, and players need to level up their characters by completing quests, battling monsters and other players, and acquiring new items. A higher character level provides more power and abilities, allowing for participation in game events and achieving better results.
  • How are NFT items created in Kited?

    Most items and heroes in Kited are created using algorithms, but there are also unique items created by people. These items and heroes are very rare and have a limited edition, so they are highly valued. They can be found in hard-to-reach places, difficult quests, or various game events. All items and heroes in the game are NFTs, giving players the unique ability to own and trade them outside of the game.
  • Will Kited have its own token and marketplace?

    Kited is primarily a game and will not have its own payment token. All NFTs will be sold for USDT, BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies, the list of which will expand over time.

    Kited provides its own marketplace where you can easily find and buy the items you need, as well as sell your own. Additionally, there are other popular platforms for buying and selling NFT items that you can use. Kited does not limit users in their choice of trading platforms.

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Dive into the world of Kited, an exceptional mobile RPG game that seamlessly integrates augmented reality and NFT technology. Offering an unparalleled gaming experience, Kited distinguishes itself with its cutting-edge features. More than an ordinary game, Kited is revolutionizing the mobile gaming landscape.

In Kited, every item and character is a unique NFT token, powered by advanced AI algorithms. This means every experience you encounter in the Kited world is not just a game - it's a unique adventure. It's a world where you don't just play a game; you immerse yourself in a constantly evolving ecosystem.

The Kited game world is designed by artificial intelligence, making every quest an unparalleled gaming experience. With AI, every Kited quest you undertake becomes a fresh adventure. Every challenge you face is a test of your strategic and tactical skills. The word is out - Kited offers a gaming experience that's constantly evolving, ensuring you'll never play the same game twice.

In the expansive world of Kited, you get to explore different dimensions, battle monsters, and embark on challenging quests. From crafting unique items using resources you've gathered, to enhancing your hero's abilities, every word you make counts in Kited.

Kited isn't just about playing a game; it's about being part of a community. With Kited, you have the chance to interact with other players, trade NFTs on different marketplaces, and even influence the game world with your actions.

In the world of mobile RPG gaming, Kited stands as a testament to what's possible when technology and creativity converge. With AI-generated quests and the potential of NFTs, Kited has crafted a truly immersive gaming experience. The word is out – Kited isn’t just a game; it’s a new frontier in mobile gaming. Step into the world of Kited today and join the revolution.