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Reasons Kited Eschews Implementing Proprietary Payment Tokens

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In the interconnected spheres of cryptocurrency and gaming, a prevalent practice is for games and applications to use their distinct payment tokens as their in-game currency. This strategy typically empowers them with the ability to regulate the game's economy while granting the developers command over their reward systems. However, the team behind Kited consciously chose a different path, deciding against the use of their payment tokens within the game. Let's explore their reasons for this decision.

Promoting Inclusivity and Global Accessibilityโ€‹

A fundamental goal for Kited is to provide accessibility and inclusivity to players across the globe. By opting for universally recognized cryptocurrencies in place of a bespoke token, the process of joining the game becomes significantly streamlined for new players. This means they won't have to grapple with understanding a new cryptocurrency or performing extra exchanges to participate.

Guarding Against Economic Volatilityโ€‹

Proprietary tokens often bear the brunt of substantial price swings in the volatile cryptocurrency market. By refraining from using a unique token, Kited affords its players a level of protection against these unpredictable shifts. This way, players can concentrate more on the gameplay itself rather than worrying about intricate economic strategies.

Seamless Integration with NFTsโ€‹

Kited heavily incorporates Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology in its gameplay mechanics, designed purposefully with this in mind. Leveraging established cryptocurrency standards simplifies the integration process with NFTs and other blockchain components, making for a smoother gaming experience.

Encouraging Unhindered Participationโ€‹

The ethos behind Kited's creation centered around the principle of unrestricted participation. The introduction of a proprietary payment token could potentially impose barriers to engagement in the game, inadvertently creating unnecessary limitations.

By forgoing the creation of its own payment token, Kited has instead chosen to direct its energies towards crafting an enriching and captivating gaming environment. This strategic move allows the Kited development team to concentrate on what they consider most important โ€” creating a high-quality gaming experience for players worldwide.

In essence, Kited's decision not to use a unique payment token reflects its dedication to inclusivity, stability, seamless integration, and unencumbered participation. These commitments speak volumes about Kited's mission to put the player's experience first, demonstrating that their focus extends beyond the game's economy to the heart of what makes gaming enjoyable โ€” engaging gameplay and immersive experiences.