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· 4 min read
NPC Monster in Kited game

Kited  Emotional Involvement

Video games possess the remarkable ability to elicit a broad spectrum of emotions such as joy, thrill, curiosity, vexation, suspense, and compassion. These emotional responses are a pivotal driving force that entices players to keep delving into, battling, and immersing themselves in the gaming universe. The game "Kited" emerges as a standout illustration of implementing psychological concepts in game design to stimulate emotional engagement. This article delves deeper into the nuanced ways Kited utilizes psychology to construct an emotionally captivating experience.

· 3 min read
Kited panda warrior

Kited AI in game

Storytelling has become a crucial component in gaming, enriching the world within the game, augmenting the gameplay experience, and giving context to the player's actions. A fascinating development in this field is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate interactive and immersive narratives. In the engaging universe of Kited, this advanced technique is demonstrated through AI-powered character dialogues.